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Microsoft 365 & Teams in Care Homes

Microsoft 365 & Teams in Care Homes

I’ve always been a fan of the Microsoft 365 (previously named Office 365) suite of products and have advised most of my clients to use them to increase productivity. This includes the usual suspects of Word and Excel but also lesser known products such as Teams and Sharepoint…both have become more prevalent during the covid pandemic including in in Care Homes!

Sharepoint has been used to replace aging servers and Teams used to allow communication and most importantly meetings to take place. The initial transition to Teams was via NHS/LA meeting invites whereby a member of staff just clicks a link in order to join a meeting. Fairly soon though staff were creating their own meetings and inviting others to attend.

Sharepoint now hosts all of the electronic data which previously sat on several aging servers and memory sticks. Once again the transitional change to using the new cloud based technology was smooth and users soon saw the benefits of doing so.

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