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PC and Laptop Repairs

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PC and Laptop Repairs


Our expert IT Technicians have been working in the IT field for in excess of 20 years. They have seen the technology change and improve over the years but have also dealt with almost all of the issues! So when it comes to diagnosing and repairing your laptop or PC, we will be able to resolve it your satisfaction.

As well as repair and upgrade PC’s and laptops we can also help to install software such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows, anti-virus software etc. We are a Microsoft Partner and our experts have 20+ years experience working with Microsoft products and PC/laptops/servers etc. We can also advise and assist you choosing the correct Microsoft product to meet your requirements.


@Home Onsite Service


We can visit your home, sort out your tech in an efficient and safe manner and then be available afterwards to deal with any queries you may have.

All of our staff have received COVID training and will wear appropriate PPE whilst inside your property to ensure that everyone remains as safe as possible.

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@Home Remote Service


If your tech crisis allows it we can provide a remote service. This could be as simple as a phone call which would allow us to talk you through an issue with your tech and help you resolve it.
In some cases we may be able to provide remote control software which would allow one of our tech experts to connect to your laptop/PC and help you resolve your problem.


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Telephone: 01642 044973

Email: support@cartwright.it