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Working from home

Working from home

The last few months have brought about some huge changes in all of our lives and across the world people are starting to realise that some of that change is likely to be longer term than first expected. One of those changes is working from home. I’ve spoken to many people about this and most seem to fall into one of two camps – either they love working from home or they hate it!

Those who love working from home enjoy the flexibility it brings, the ability manage child care more easily or be at home when parcels are delivered and skip the dreaded commute twice a day. These people seem to almost thrive and report that they are much more productive.

Then there are those that absolutely hate working from home. They hate being cutoff from colleagues and miss the day to day office banter. Some even actually enjoy the daily commute as they say the solitude in the car offers them an opportunity to adjust to work and likewise allows them to switch off from work on the way home on an evening.

Something both groups have in common is that they report mixed experiences when using IT. Some reports of “slow laptops” can be attributed to poor broadband provision however some seem to be as a result of a poor VPN connection provided by their employer. It seems that some of the large organisations in particular didn’t have capacity to handle a large proportion of their workforce working offsite. If you need assistance with your IT whilst working from home, whatever the issue, give us a call or email.

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